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I am a music / events photographer who has shot some of the most famous acts in the world. I started photography whilst working for Pete Townshend of The Who in 1998 and since that time I've covered entertainment events of every genre.

Although I'm not shooting as regularly as I did I still bring out the cameras when requested. I have a large body of work and should you like to buy prints of any artist please contact me to discuss your requirements.

If you'd like to arrange a shoot (live or

studio) please use the contact link in

the menu bar.

I am currently working on a photo / memoir book which I am self publishing and hope to have on sale within the next few months. I have had two previous books on The Who published -  Anyway Anyhow Anywhere (2002) and The Who Revealed (2010).

I have provided notes for CD and DVD releases as

 well  as articles for magazines and recently finished a 15,000 word essay on Pete Townshend's 1970s

'Life House' project for the forthcoming 'Who's Next'

box set (2023).


I also have another book, 'Four Faces' currently on the back burner, which is a visual history of The Who's solo careers.

"His own photographs are


Pete Townshend, The Who

"A dazzling collection of


Ellie Crisell, BBC SE News

Reviews for
Anyway Anyhow Anywhere book

Amazon rating for The Who Revealed book

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